As a professional Motion Graphic Design Studio based in Nairobi Kenya, FATBOY ANIMATIONS LTD offers a vast range of animation services. Since the establishment of our studio in 2010, we’ve been perfecting our craft and experimenting with different artistic disciplines. Our team of animators work hard every day to hone their skills, continually developing their unique and innovative artistic style. Browse the site to learn more about us and our animation projects.

This Ribena Tarzan

From the onset, there were very high expectations surrounding this project. It was the first time we took on an assignment of this scope, and despite a tight budget and some tricky parameters, we came up with a final animation that was both dazzling and original. Find out more about this or any of our other projects by contacting us today.

Kenafric Sweets

From the first brainstorming session and initial sketches, all the way through the production process to the final animation, our team members were on the mark with this project. Our clients had some pretty specific requests and tight deadlines, but after several weeks of hard work and late nights at the studio, we were able to deliver a great result.

Pirate Ribena

This project was one of our animators’ favorites to work on. Almost every member of the FATBOY ANIMATIONS LTD team was involved at one point or another, and through innovative animation techniques and clever use of visual effects, we were able to finish this project on-time and under-budget.

Mbugua of Faiba

One of our favourite characters in studio, Mbugua is now a household name nationwide. He not only brings joy and laughter to us but also a lot of fun animating him,

Sweet Jamaica

Sometimes we like to just have fun in the studio and make random animation. Our president character does that well for us.

Giraffe Joj

His name is Joj, a favorite for kids who watch him. It was challenge adding fur to this guy, but we pulled it off because , we love challenges.


It was not easy getting that ant to attack Mr Mapiyo, but the client needed it to happen. It was a lot of fun getting this done.


We were tasked with coming up with a character for our client "Safaricom PLC."
This guy came through for us and made a lot of fun memories.

Jane Mbugua - Faiba

It was not easy working on that hair, but what a beauty this turned out to be.

Mkey Equity

A simple project we did,  we love the colors that our animators put together for this.

Short N Sweet

Our animators still having fun in the studio. This was a short but sweet animation.


We had a challenge with this one, getting those grains done. It came out really well and nothing made us happier than having a satisfied client.