We are a Nairobi based animation company that deals primarily in 3 and 2 dimensional animation for both film, and commercial use. FatBoy Animations brings a fresh and innovative approach to the budding Kenyan film and advertising industry. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, by offering outstanding international quality animation, whilst increasing confidence in local production houses. We achieve this through offering greater value for money by keeping all animation local, thus generating an interest in this new exciting field that Kenya is turning out to be an African power-house in.

Unlike other local production houses, we bring a new flavor into the film industry, utilizing the latest animation software, hardware, and sound engineering, to bring high quality production to the local level. Our team includes designers, model builders, and animators who have extensive experience in their field, having played key-leadership roles in the Disney/BBC/Classic Media joint venture animation hit series, Tinga-Tinga Tales: which is currently blazing the trail and setting world standards for African animation. We pride ourselves as being the Kenyan industry’s leading 3-D animation medium experts, having single handedly come up with, and executed a
3-D internet viral mini-series for Orange Telecommunications Ltd, on behalf of Blue Print Marketing Services.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, Fat Boy Animations has invested a substantial amount of time and money in setting up an animation outfit, to deal with the growing clientele.
At Fat Boy Animations, we are continually expanding on our knowledge, service, and animation tools and skills, to assist clients with successfully implementing their desires in the field of animation. Outstanding functional and technical expertise, coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Fat Boy Animations the ideal choice for budget friendly, high quality, local animation.

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